Resources & Time Pooling

WCRC consultancy assignment in support of Football for Life project, Tacloban City

My first team building session was slowly coming to an end, almost time to say goodbye to the fabulous WCRC team. However, once more were we about to pool our resources and share our human capital, while assuming the roles of consultants for FundLife International’s project Football for Life (F4L) in Tacloban City.

Soon after finishing his stint, Ingo had been joining the U.K. registered NGO that, ‘entered Tacloban City, ground-zero for the world’s strongest storm, six months after Super-Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). After the immediate relief and recovery effort, there was a need to rebuild. More than just rebuilding structures and services, we wanted to restore hope, a sense of identity and belonging to the children who lost everything but the clothes on their back.’ (see'

The team was tasked to process design the way forward for Football for Life – paving the path from post-disaster recovery into the future. In the following their outcomes are displayed and summarized shortly:

Team 1

  • Purpose: Assist kids to become productive members of society through sport
  • Primary objective: get more kids involved in constructive activism
  • Secondary objectives: leadership training, citizen participation, nutritional awareness
  • Milestones: Spin-off two youth clubs, run by participants and embedded in society
Post 09-13 - The Visual Plan - Team 1
Post 09-13 - The Visual Plan - Team 2

Team 2

  • Purpose: Independent functional youth center
  • Primary objective: Capacity building for youth
  • Milestones:
    • Construction phase
      • Corporate fundraising and employee voluntarism
      • Local support and citizen involvement
      • Youth furnishing and decoration
      • Opening ceremony
    • Workshops
      • Knowledge of local situation & labor market
      • Capacity building (e.g., languages, games, animal kingdom, singing, acting, storytelling)
    • Handover
      • Identifying youth leaders and operational training
      • Sponsoring agreements
      • Ceremonial handover

Team 3

  • Purpose: Resocialization and prevention of criminal activity
  • Primary objective: Social rehabilitation
  • Secondary objectives: Legal aid, community counseling, youth empowerment
  • Milestones:
    • Project definition
      • Legal advice bureau
      • Jail visits (peer to peer coaching or community nights)
      • Advocacy, counselling, rehabilitation
    • Funding
      • Friend- and crowdfund raising
      • Local and international fundraising
    • Implementation
      • Recruitment of local and international volunteers
      • Building a network of lawyers
      • Building of support groups
Post 09-13 - The Visual Plan - Team 3