Intercultural Strengths

Intercultural awareness – a strong team asset, yet forgotten all too often

After lunch on this slightly grey, yet lovely Tuesday afternoon, we moved on to further explore the human capital within the WCRC team. First, we tried to explore the knowledge they carry about the different cultural backgrounds that are nestled within the group. Therefore, we went for a little walk passed the meadows and horses, breathing in the fresh air and letting the light rain waking us up after the delicious dine.

Each team member was assigned a specific country, which they had prior exposure to, so that the references were based on true experience. They were tasked to find an object, which, in their opinion, is representative for one of the positive elements of the nation and its people. In the following the items were presented to the team.

Post 7-2 - Intercultural human capital

The countries were chosen, so that there was a possibility of some tension between the job holder’s birthplace and the state assigned. Interestingly, however, was that not a single presentation revealed any negativity. In fact, each team member put her/his assigned country into a very welcoming light. Not overly romanticized, yet constructively reflecting on his/her expertise.

Intercultural awareness is one of the key strengths of the WCRC team, having lived, worked, and being exposed to many cultural settings. Unfortunately, we all might tend to sometimes forget what great of an asset such ability is.