Individual Strengths

Our colleagues are more than their roles may imply – they are human beings!

With the most recent reflections, looking beyond negative generalizations (e.g., stereotypes) and potential social or cultural clashes towards a nation state, it was about time to explore more about each other – revelations that should reach much further than each team member’s assigned professional role.

Within work settings, day in and day out, we tend to limit our understanding of one another based on the tasks on paper, but even further depending on our interpretation of how the job our colleague is performing supports our very own efforts. The next exercise attempted to open up such views, to understand that our colleagues are much more than their roles may imply and to unleash our empathy from the constraints of certain environments.

Even at work, we DO have the chance to get to know each other, finding out strengths, beliefs, and values, if we just were to ask. Hence, we did so – questioning each individual to shed some light on the interests that go further. Hobbies, passions, capabilities that come into play in other circumstances – the ones that make that colleague the beautiful human being s/he really is.

Post 08 - individual strengths