Doing Business in Germany

Why is this workshop important?

For a growing business the need to explore new markets is a key to long term growth and sustainability. In an increasingly volatile business world, there is a need to seek out new opportunities and sustain you by adapting to the diverse challenges of a fast evolving global market. As the recent decade has demonstrated, no business is truly secure unless it can evolve and establish a diversified client foothold in multiple markets.
Among all the potential foreign markets, none is more promising than the EU. With an integrated market accounting for 20% of global GDP and over 30% of global net wealth, its potential can rival that of the US & UK put together. However, it also remains the largest market still relatively 'untapped' by Indian businesses.
Doing Business in Germany

Why Germany?

Germany is the largest economy of the EU and 5th largest in the world. It is the engine of the EU and it stands out as a preeminent leader in industrial technology and a hub for technological services. With a sophisticated and well developed market economy it is also one of the largest importers in the world, attracting service providers and manufacturing partners from around the world.

Despite the upheaval in businesses across the world, it has retained a positive and consistent net growth rate for over two decades. And yet, despite a strong interest in developing this market, Germany is still the largest untapped market for Indian businesses. Potentially, a successful penetration into this market will lead to long term sustainable growth. It is a 'must-have' on the wish list of any company looking to the future.

What will we address?

The aim of this workshop will be to help cracking the myth of the 'un-approachability' of the German market and a degree of skepticism that abounds in, for instance, the Indian business community.

We will strive to arm you with a mind-set and an approach that can help serve your purposes. To understand the German market, it is essential to first understand the German businessman and indeed the German 'way'.

Through the course of this workshop we will dispel a few popular but erroneous notions and offer an insight into how you can make your way in, through some interactive demonstrations during our workshop.

We will interest you and invite you to partner with us further. We are keen to help you developing and executing a specific, tailor-made plan that will be aligned to your business objectives and needs.

Preliminary Workshop Agenda

Day I

Phase Warm-up
Duration 15 minutes
Modus Game
Theme German Efficiency
Description We will start the morning with an opening session, getting to know each other, while showcasing German efficiency. With minimal instructions participants will be tasked and timed to pass a ball in the shortest time possible, while adhering to a self-defined sequence.


Phase Session I
Duration 30 minutes
Modus Picture presentation
Theme Germany in Transition
Description Your trainer Ingo, as a native German, but global citizen will present his academic and professional history. Participants will gain insights into: Germany’s dual educational system, domestically and internationally; the public versus the private business sector; internationalization challenges; and entrepreneurial struggles in a non-entrepreneurial-driven environment.


Phase Session II
Duration 45 minutes
Modus Workshop and Acting
Theme Introducing Germany
Description Participants will create a collage representing their knowledge about Germany – from Bratwurst, over Sauerkraut to Bier; from Autos, over engineering to the German Autobahn. Teams will be asked to act on one particular experience, represented on their collection of German familiarity. Followed by rating those whether they are stereotypical, representing the truth, or both.

--------------------------------------------------  Coffee Break -------------------------------------------------------- 

Phase Session III
Duration 30 minutes
Modus Business Presentation
Theme Indo-German Partnership
Description We will be laying the foundation to better understand the changing face of Indo-European partnerships. We will be discussing why particularly the German market is appealing to emerging markets. We shall draw from our international expertise, in a participatory approach to prepare for the following exercises.


Phase Session IV
Duration 45 minutes
Modus Interactive Workshop Session I
Theme Process Planning
Description Based on the hitherto presented material and discussions, participants will be tasked to define mission, strategy, short as well as long-term goals to enter the German market. Based on a predefined format, teams will visualize their approach and outline process steps.

Day 2

Phase Warm-up
Duration 30 minutes
Modus Game
Theme A mutual quest for excellence
Description Back to the roots! Participants will be thrown back to their childhoods, with a playful game that shall elicit creativity, but also showcase that competition does not have to be a zero sum game. We will be striving to establish a mutual quest for excellence.


Phase Session V
Duration 15 minutes
Modus Presentation
Theme Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Description In its April 2015 issue, Harvard Business Review, published an article titled, ‘CEOs Need Mentors Too’. Similarly, on 9th March 2015, Erin Griffith issues an article at discussing, ‘The rise of the CEO support group’. Both in common is the rising awareness that mentoring and coaching is beneficial on any level; something we would like to briefly address in this short session.


Phase Session VI
Duration 45 minutes
Modus Interactive Workshop Session II
Theme Service & Product Co-Development
Description Participants will be tasked to design service and/or product prototypes. Models that visualize ideas, Minimal Viable Product and Services, that could be used to establish mutual beneficial relationships with German partner organizations. Alternatively, participants might further design their partnership processes from day 1 or even imagine a intercultural coaching scheme.

--------------------------------------------------  Coffee Break -------------------------------------------------------- 

Phase Session VII
Duration 30 minutes
Modus Presentation
Theme Social Responsibility
Description We will establish an initial understanding around the often times confusing social responsibility paradigm - from its reactive past, over its opportunistic roots, to its strategic value. The session is based on the assumption that it can exist on two sides of this spectrum: Initially, allowing CSR to be an opportunistic marketing tactic, but overtime emerge as an innovative corporate strategy.


Phase Session VIII
Duration 30 minutes
Modus Case Study
Theme Social Co-Creation
Description Based on Ingo’s MD role with World at Play, we will be discussion opportunities for social co-creation. Understanding that collaborating with the non-profit and charitable sector is not just an obligation, it can, for example, be beneficial for learning and development. Participants, shall solve a business challenge for a local NGO.


Phase Closing Remarks
Duration 15 minutes
Modus Discussion and Feedback
Theme Wrap up and Q&A
Description Next step to represent our client(s) in Germany and  build account management capacity.