Doing Business in Germany

The aim of this workshop will be to help cracking the myth of the ‘un-approachability’ of the German market and a degree of skepticism that abounds in a business community, like Indie, for instance.

Team Building

Team Building workshops are based on the concepts of human and social design. The aim is to (re-)gain an appreciation of the power of diversity, while adapting a model that facilitates cross-sector partnerships.

Development Adviser Placement Workshop

The workshop aims to align expectations and to build an understanding of what a Development Adviser can offer a partner organization and which limitations exist. We describe the needs, design the position, and create a profile of potential candidates.

Create your impact team

This workshop introduces founders of social impact companies to the intricacies of the recruitment process. Additionally, I am using the setting to share my very own experiences and mistakes, to have participants realize how bias and ambiguity clouds ones judgment.