CSR through sport

Need Assessment – Problem, cause, importance, and scale of CSR

Extending our scope of economic thinking towards mind and impact of our behavior for future generations.

An event-centered social responsibility facilitator

Promoting social responsibility among multinationals, by enabling and transforming corporate ‘values into action’. Using multi-sport, multi-day event experiences, to make them the focal point of the business venture. Tailor-made events that simultaneously allow brand, employee, and social development.

Benefits of Adventure Racing for Corporates

Adventure racing is known as boosting a distinctive habitus, very similar to those found in the corporate world. Read how corporates can benefit from participation, in three strategically important areas.

Theory of Change

Targeting Corporate, employee, and social development, in accordance McKinsey’s Global Survey Results, which found that those elements account for a total of 56% of the shareholder value CSR produces.