Future directions

In general, the different objectives of this proposal work as a unity.  One step alone won’t suffice to overcome reluctance of business owners to invest in corporate wellness and integrate such an initiative into a company’s cultural development.  Overall, the objective is to better utilize corporate wellness programs by proving their positive financial impact, make them part of a workforce’s day-to-day business, and use them as facilitator for corporate values, thus fostering a strong business culture.  In particular, the herewith proposed pyramid model should accomplish the following:

Specific aim #1:

  • Reinforce and strengthen former studies and the quantifiable benefits of corporate wellness
  • Develop a set of key performance indicators and drivers to derive a stable business case and an on-going monitoring system, to prove performance and financial stability of corporate wellness
  • Identify correlations between socio-demographic data, objectives, wants, and needs to better design corporate wellness programs with high utilization rates

Specific aim #2:

  • Provide a better understanding of a specific company’s workforce needs and wants.
  • Create a set of offerings which may cover a large population of interest in corporate wellness
  • Understand causes for stress and related issues within a certain corporation

Specific aim #3:

  • Provide qualitative business value through corporate wellness programs
  • Create an innovative-friendly business culture, to facilitate creativity and make a workplace more attractive
  • Build social capital by providing an anchor to interact and build relations
  • Support a better identification with corporate values

Throughout this proposal, the issue of identifying the ‘right’ company has been reinforced several times.  It is likely that the planned course of study for each objective must be conducted in different business settings.  Though this might create difficulties in cross analyzing the data, it will however support the general claim that corporate wellness is a set of different activities and a strategic rather than a tactical approach.  However, if the anticipated outcomes are valid, there is reason to believe that such a model could be implemented on a larger scale with several companies, in different industries and thus consequently supporting the claims which were made throughout this paper.