Social Accelerator

Vision and Mission

Phase 1

The facilitation of multi-disciplinary and intercultural knowledge exchange to create proof of concepts. Seeking partner institutions from developed and less developed countries to support a solution-oriented adaptation of social entrepreneurial working models.

proof of concept

Phase 2

The acceleration of solution-oriented social entrepreneurial ventures. We both directly and indirectly recruit as well as seek investment from or through entities that have been involved in developing the adapted working models.

Methodology and Objective

The methodology is based on the successful implementations of primarily technical social enterprise working models that have proven themselves to be socially beneficially in an environment defined by specific contextual factors.

Aiming to transform those towards a solution that remains beneficial to the social needs in a setting where aspects are different (e.g., culture, religions, class system, history, ethnicity, media usage and influence, infrastructure, etc.).

Process and Partners

Seeking specialist advice from business, citizen, public, as well as community sectors in both source and recipient country. Cross-divisional and intercultural collaboration is, hence, facilitated to validate and to authenticate the adapted models. Partners and investors can rely on the practicability of the proof of concepts, as they have been developed with an eye on both business feasibility and social soundness.

A comprehensive assessment of potential founding members for the social venture shall be conducted. Selected candidates are to implement the adapted social entrepreneurial model in a previously defined environment. They shall be externally mentored and coached during the first months of operation by a team of cross-sector experts.


A cross-sectional and intercultural approach allows diversifying the risk taken by each investor during each funding stage.

Seed funding for conceptualizing and recruitment shall be based on grants and supported through academia. Start-up financing shall be supported through crowdfunding (citizen sector) or public loans.

Alternatively, or in addition, in-kind donations and business incubation by the corporate sector is pursued. In particular, the latter eases the sourcing of working capital.

An expert team and panel supports obtaining bridge financing. The funds are further used to launch new projects to adapt business feasible and socially sound working models.