The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

What it is, can or cannot be, in the field of international development?

There are various definitions and variances how both the word entrepreneurship as well as ecosystem is used.

What they all have in common is that they confuse when recycled from one sector to another or across (language) borders.

The word ecosystem has become somewhat of a buzzword, which seems to be thrown in at any opportunity a consultant might see. Perhaps a new candidate to be used playing bullshit bingo? Anyway, the same could be said about the term entrepreneurship. While most might argue that it is a value creating activity, one could ask,

‘Value for what: society, culture, or the economy, or all of the above?’

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So called experts might fall in to mainstream argumentation that it should be purely the latter. While, others, like myself, would like to understand it as being much more than that! In the following, I would like to build a case that in international development, particularly in the sector of development economics,

Entrepreneurship can be a game changer!’

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I shall do so in the following order:

Please note that you will find multiple quotes, which I derived from an entrepreneurial ecosystem study across Nepal that I conducted with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ GmbH) in 2018/19.