Social Entrepreneurship

Social Business Start-up School

It’s very easy to get lost when launching an idea into the world. Even more so, if one is tackling an issue of social concern. Thus, during my first assignment in Nepal, I designed a step-by-step workshop-style approach, to help youth on their path to become social entrepreneurs.

Built that entrepreneurial spirit!

Andrew Fiddaman, Youth Business International said that, ‘In every country in the world, our research has shown that one in five young people have the intuitive skill to start and run a successful small business. If governments were smart enough to invest in that one in five, pretty soon, they would employ the other four.’ Read why and what we can do to meet such demands.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of a 3rd World Country

Insights from learning about the challenges and opportunities existing and prospective entrepreneurs face! Over 100 interviews including 20 focus group discussions and across 5 locations. I and four GIZ colleagues had 30 days to conduct a first of its kind marathon study of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Western Nepal!