Diversity Defined

Suggesting to define diversity as a function of an individual’s level of personally acquired social and acculturated human capital. Directly stemming from one’s cultural background, social values, and (intercultural) experiences.

Interview – Sport for Development

Interview with the webpage – –  questions discussing various elements of sport for development. Particularly, the inherent strengths sports possesses for moral development, which was the theme of my Masters thesis in Sustainable Peace through Sport.

The sport-business ethical dilemma

Are sport metaphors, athletic heroism, and celebrity role models, the right ingredients to teach ethical business behaviour? How do we motivate people to make the right decision in a high pressure and highly opportunistic society?

The Identity Crisis of Social Right Movements

Welcome to a journey through the socially and culturally imposed nature of oppression, marginalization, and segregation as well as the fight against it which takes place in various social movements.