An entrepreneurial ecosystem study across Nepal

Learning about the challenges and opportunities existing and prospective startups face!

75 interviews across five locations – 5 wannabe researchers – 30 days to conduct a first of its kind marathon study of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Terai!

From the troubles caused by the open-border policy with India, over the shortage of skilled labor and the striking a balance between industrialization and sustainability, to the burden of high hopes resting on a young generation.

  • We visited the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Butwal;
  • Explored the Las Vegas of Nepal in Nepalgunj;
  • Got inspired by Danghadhi’s dream of becoming an international cricket hotspot in 2018;
  • Experienced a land full of opportunities for the Karnali youth in Surkhet;
  • and struggled to understand whether industrialization is a blessing or curse in the cement factory of Nepal, Dang.

Entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere

A cafe owner in the town of Surkhet

Though we are still at the beginning of our quest, there are high hopes that the next big thing towards economic prosperity for Nepal happens by innovating the entrepreneurial ecosystem!